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Create a feast at home

Make your own #sushibake

It's fun and really simple.

Make some sushi rice. Go to your favorite Asian Market and buy a small bag of short grain sushi rice along with a bottle of pre-made sushi vinegar mix. Ask for or look for a small bag of Furikaki, a pack of imitation crab (or of course the real deal), Sriracha, eel sauce, sesame seed oil and Japanese sweet mayonnaise, roasted seaweed snack sheets and masago.

Take the imitation crab and place in a mixing bowl. Add two table spoons of mayo, tea spoon of sesameseed oil, add a tablespoon and a half of masago and add Sriracha to your liking for spice. Mix together.

In an oven save 2 to 4 inch deep pan spread your now prepared sushi rice (don't pack it dow) - on top of the rice place your crab salad generously. On top of the crab mixture place another thin layer of Furikaki which you then top off with crossed lines of Sriracha, eel sauce and Japanese mayo. Place in a pre-heated oven at 400 for about 5 to 8 minutes till golden brown.

Once done portion small sections of the bake on top of the roasted seaweed, top with masago (or tobiko)and enjoy!!

Of course you can add other seafood once you get comfortable to make it more interesting.

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