• Patrick Faas

Sushi is meant to be shared

Are you keeping that all to yourself?

Sushi is meant to be shared. Sushi is to be a fun shared experience where you have a sort of tapa's atmosphere where an explosion of flavors takes over the dinner (or lunch) table. There is often a misconception that sushi should be served in proper sequencing or coursing while dining. Now this may be a personal preference but in general sushi is one of those cuisines that flows naturally and does not necessarily consists of a multi coursed meal. Should you order a large selection of different types of Nigiri, Sashimi and Maki Monos (rolls) they do not have to come out all at once or on one plate. Sushi is to be enjoyed and savored.

So the next time you visit you favorite sushi house, take your time and relax. Share some of your plate with the rest of your party and indulge in all of the flavors presented on the different plates. Feel free to add to your order or start out with just one or two rolls. Create your own flow to your dining experience.

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